Deep End Pools – Commercial Works London

Deep End Pools have won the tender for a commercial swimming pool contract in Harrow, Middlesex just outside Central London. The site is a stones throw from the massive arch of the Legendary Wembley football stadium.

A site survey by Deep End Pools found many problems with the existing set up in the commercial pool area. The sand filter was shot to pieces, the balance tank needing attention, spa needs a complete overhaul, renovation to a sauna and the pool plant needing some works to bring back to 100% working order.

There are many more things to be done alongside with these works, the above mentioned just being the start.

The first obstacle is to be removing the existing Sand Filters. With them being of commercial application they can have a few hundred kilos of sand in each unit. This will then be carefully handled and disposed off of site.

These will then be replaced with some brand new Astral Filters. Astral are the biggest pool supplier in the industry,

With 6 different advanced production processes available: plastic injection, polyester casting, stainless steel manipulation, fibreglass winding, thermoplastic blow-moulding, and thermo-conform technology, Astral Pool is constantly making product improvement by researching new processes and materials to meet and exceed the demands of the commercial swimming pool market.  They have the perfect product for every job.

The balance tank is then the next issue with these being a breeding ground for many different types of bacteria and disease, such as legionella and Cryptosporidium. Neither of which we want our guys or any of the pool users to get.

We will initially empty the balance tank and then give a through clean using the correct chemicals and equipment. We will then repair as necessary and then clean for a final time just before refilling the tank.

Then we have the tricky job of repairing the years of bodge job repairs on the main swimming pool filtration system Our team of top ISPE engineers will give the plant room a full Deep End Pools makeover to get it back to a 100% SPATA rated swimming pool filtration system.

Next will be the sauna and steam area’s. Sauna and steam are used very heavily especially in commercial applications as most people finish their heavy work out with a relaxing sauna or steam.

We are contracted to install a very Smart Certikin Commercial Sauna which benefits from luxuries such as heavy duty benches, brackets and room for plenty of people to relax after their work out session.

Next to the Sauna which will be receiving a top to toe refurbishment. The custom built units benefit from a fully tiled finish which looks beautiful but more importantly for hygiene reasons is very easily cleaned. The steam room is of a bespoke design will be repaired back once again to its former glory for this, commercial swimming pool refurbishment in Harrow, Middlesex just outside London.

The in ground spa has seen much better days and Deep End Pools are to give the spa the fully required repairs to get it back into the centre piece of the swimming pool area.

Deep End Pools received the confirmation this morning and are ordering and organising for the total refurbishment on the commercial pool area in Harrow, Middlesex.

The works are scheduled to start 5 days after receiving the required equipment.

We will keep you up to date with all the works on the commercial refurbishment and you never know if we finish a little early we may go for a quick kick about at Wembley Football Stadium.


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