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Sunsoka Cabins Range

Weather your looking for a home office, hot tub enclosure or pool room then look no further than the Sunsoka Cabin range from SPL. These natural wood cabins enhance any garden or outdoor space creating a fantastic garden retreat to offer you and your family years of enjoyment.


Unique 2 U

Every Sunsoka cabin is individually produced meaning we can tailor the cabin to your exact requirements.


We offer a host of options with every Sunsoka cabin including:-


·         Choice of single or double glazed windows

·         45mm or 70mm wall thickness

·         Choose from 6 different colours of roof shingle

·         Roof design avalible as either pitched or flat

·         Cabins produced to meet local building regulations and planning guidelines

·         Open planned or internal walls available

·          All cabins come with a natural finish and can be stained in a colour of your choice.


A variety of uses


Home Office

A Sunsoka cabin offers a cost effective solution for people wanting a home office, We can tailor your home office to your exact requirements incorporating additional features such as a separate meeting room or sales office.


Your Own Private Hot Tub Retreat

A Sunsoka cabin is the ideal place to house a hot tub, meaning a private bathing and relaxation retreat is more affordable than ever. Enjoy a cosy soak on a winter morning, or a summer BBQ hot-tub party in your own garden.


Deluxe Pool Lodge

Build your own stunning, indoor swimming-pool lodge with our luxury king-sized cabins. Take a Sunsoka pool coupled with a Sunsoka pool lodge and you have a luxury indoor pool package at a fraction of what would previously have been avalible alternatively construct an Sunsoka pool lodge over an existing swimming pool, significantly lowering pool maintenance costs and ensuring year-round use of your leisure facility. Deep End Pools are your local Sunsoka representative will be able to advise you on everything from the planning and building regulations procedure through to the dehumidification and air control side of your proposed cabin project.


Self build or Installed the Choice is yours


Should you wish to construct your Sunsoka pool lodge yourself our easy to follow instructions make this possible and remember one of our Sunsoka technicians is just a phone call away. Alternatively should you wish your Sunsoka lodge to be installed Deep End Pools your local Sunsoka representative we will be able to advise you of costings






Our Quality Promise

All Sunsoka cabins are manufactured using the latest high-tech design techniques to ensure durable, long-lasting products far exceeding basic legal standards. The range offers total weatherproof comfort and warmth, All cabins come complete with all fixtures and fittings, and are delivered direct to your door.


Add Value to Your Home

A beautiful natural-timber cabin will enhance the natural beauty of any garden, large or small, boosting the value of your property.


At Deep End Pools we have been building sunsoaka Log cabins for some time now along side many of our out door swimming pool construcitons.


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