Coverstar – Automatic Safety Cover

Deep End Pools have been installing the Coverstar automatic safety cover system for many years.

The Coverstar safety cover system has countless benefits for any pool. Number 1 of course being safety. The fact that a correctly installed Coverstar can take well over 500ibs of weight with no bother.

The Coverstar’s fabric absorbs solar energy and thermally conducts it to the cooler water below. At night it helps to eliminate evaporation and insulates your pool. This combination will considerably reduce the running costs of your pool.

The Coverstar acts like a lid over your pool and prevents almost all debris from falling into your pool. The leaves, twigs and debris will land on top of the coverand come back with the cover when taking it of off the pool.

The cover is one of the simplest to operate as all you have to do is hold a switch. No need to worry about lifting heavy or big mechanisms to move the cover on and off of the pool. This switch is very cleverly located to your choosen position and the switch has a lock to prevent any un wanted people from operating your pool cover.

The Coverstar can be retro fitted to existing pools or installed on new build pools. The Coverstar can work on almost any shaped pool thus allowing any pool to become a child friendly safe pool environment.


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