Closing a pool

Deep End Pools close a large number of pools at the end of the swimming pool season. We have two main methods we use. Drain down methods or the more popular method over the last few seasons has been to leave them running for a few hours a day. Either way you choose you have to follow some basic steps to ensure the best protection of your pool you can over the winter period.

  • Remove matter from pool by vacuuming – Clean the pool using, Certikin maintenance equipment, as much as possible. This will reduce your chances of staining as we mentioned above.
  • Backwash filter for prolonged period until completely clear – If you total shut your pool off in the winter, the debris/ bacteria in the filter will be sat for up to 6 months! So clean it as much as possible.
  • If you are having a drain down winterisation lower pool level 2-4 inches below skimmer mouths but not more than 18 inches below coping stones. Remember if you have a safety cover not to lower you pool too far. So pool does not become damaged by water table.
  • Drain filtration system and exposed pipe work – to minimise the chance of frost damage to your equipment.
  • Drain and empty any chemical in feeders or dosing equipment.
  • Place all plugs in secure place – Such as pump basket.
  • Wrap summer cover and place in storage to reduce chances of damage from the elements.
  • Wash down any automatic pool cleaners and store in plant room.
  • Remove any accessories, e.g. steps, boards, rollers, nets, brushes and store.
  • Isolate electrical supply to pool equipment, spray motors and other devices with a water dispersant.
  • Remove skimmer baskets and store in plant room – To prevent frost damage.
  • Isolate gas supply to boiler, switch off power, and drain safety device.
  • Adjust pH to 7.2 using the required chemical, in our area it would normally be ph-
  • Super chlorinate pool water to 10ppm using shock chemical such as Fi-Clor Superfast Shock.
  • Dose the pool with Winter Algaecide – To prevent algae growth in the pool.
  • We would then thoroughly mix chemicals in pool using our satellite pumps.
  • Half fill some empty chemical containers and float them on pools surface to absorb any frost that forms on the pools surface.
  • Place a float in each skimmer to prevent the skimmer pots cracking
  • Fit and adjust winter cover – Bear in mind that a winter debris cover is your pools single best form of defence over the winter period, so a good quality cover is a must.


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