Britain’s Strongest Man – Loves Swimming!

Eddie Hall can swim. Yes, he’s enormous – even bigger close up than he looks when hoisting tractor tyres aloft in the World’s Strongest Man competition – but the real shock comes when you see him glide effortlessly down the pool like a sort of cylindrical shark, leaving us lagging limply behind in his (not insignificant) wake.

But why is the Stoke-on-Trent native spending his Monday mornings swimming lengths when he could be lifting weights? Ben Ince from CoachMag went swimming with him to find out.

When people comment on Hall’s speed most people do not realise he was actually a national champion swimmer as a kid. As his mum is a swimming teacher he was thrown in the Deep Endat 2 years old and was swimming at club level at 5 years old and training 14 hours a week by 10 years old.

From the age of 10 – 13 Hall was a national champion in his class 3 straight years until leaving swimming due to the intense training regime and lack of social life.

Eddie Hall is now 28 stone (178 kg) but can still swim 50m in 29 seconds which is only 4 seconds outside of Olympic squad qualification.

When asked does he get funny looks in the pool he said “For sure, its not everyday you see a 28 stone bloke swimming in the fastlane”

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It goes to show swimming is great for all shapes and sizes and can assist you in all walks of life – from gentle fitness right up to international competition in many different disciplines.

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