Bravo, Bravo!

Here at Deep End Pools we love our robotic pool cleaners.

Last week we were very lucky to pick up 4 repaired tiger shark pool cleaners and sell them at an extremely good price. So good that we sold all four within 3 days of receiving them.

So because of this we have been trying to source more top quality cleaners at very reasonable prices and we have not been disappointed in our search.

I introduce to you the Aquabot Bravo!

This little bot is very similar in its features to the Dolphin Moby in its ability to clean floors and have built in timed cycles.

A real positive about this cleaner is its ability to filter down to a tiny 2 microns! That is more than almost every other robot on the market. It also has an 18 m cable length.

This cleaner is ideal for those of you who are tired of manual vaccing, with lots of debris on your pool floor.

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