Big Brother Swimming pool pushes the boundaries of swimming pool design once more

Once again the UK’s most televised swimming pool, on channel 4’s Big Brother pushes the boundary of swimming pool design within the UK.

Let’s face it swimming pool construction can become a little uniform, everyone expecting a true blue, inviting plunge, of crystal clear water this it delivers very well however how about a contrasting red coloured pool surround this nobody could have seen coming!

Decking around swimming pool surrounds has been very popular over the last few years, however changing the perspective of this decking to become a stained timber truly is a brave bold and potentially new statement for swimming pool surrounds.

Year on year we are asked to build and mimic the style and design of the big brother swimming pool in and around our surrounding territories Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire we simply cannot wait to offer services to anyone looking to push the envelope and give the latest big brother swimming pool journey to their back yard.

You will even notice within the swimming pool, the skimmer and return fittings have been matched in colour to mask the free board appearance of traditional skimmers being white in colour against the blue liner.

 We must admire the Big Brother production team for coming up with a unique design, non comparable to anything currently marketed within the UK swimming pool industry, and we are proud to be a part of it being the builders and suppliers for the UK’s most televised swimming pool.

If you are looking to really tune in to a style of swimming pool construction and feel the taste for something different then contact deep end pools of Taplow Berkshire and Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire.

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