Big Brother Swimming Pool 2008 – 2009

Deep End Pools have been Channel 4’s swimming pool construction company of choice for the 2008 and 2009 Big Brother swimming pools.

Deep End Pools were chosen for the swimming pool construction due to our flexibility and outt side of the box approach when it comes to swimming pool design.

The 2008 Big Brother 9 Swimming pool was a timber framed design with its main feature being the timber deck that surrounds the pool. The pool was the centre piece of the 2008 series of Big Brother.

Big Brother 10 in 2009 featured a swimming pool that was hidden for the first few weeks of the housemates entering. The swimming pool has a lot of unique design features that were a first for our suppliers as well as us.

Firstly the Big Brother 2010 swimming pool was a  parallelogram that made for some interesting liner fitting.

Secondly the centre of the swimming pools wall around the whole shell were translucent to allow for multi coloured lighting behind the swimming pools walls. This meant that the walls also featured some heavy duty perspex to cope with the pressure of the swimming pools water.

The pool was hidden underneath a blue decking until all housemates were official Big Brother housemates.

For any more detail on swimming pool construction please call. 

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