Best innovative spa! Deep End Pools Win Distinction Wward at the BISHTA awards

Deep End Pools wins Distinction award for best innovative spa 

Another award what for? I here you ask, well when the hot tub market really took off in 2002 we really honed in on what we thought would become a major factor in product selection ‘running costs!’ with this in mind we happily settled in with Marquis spa Range, perfectly happy with the product for many years we sold units from our Beaconsfield, Henley and Devon Wooden Hot Tub showrooms

Then in 2004 we found a great looking product that had just come to the market based upon a traditional log burning stove and barrel configuration, it simply looked fantastic, but we could not help feeling the market was simply not ready for such an item. Hot tub’s being so buzz and the spa market on fire! We put to one side the principle of this product.

So midsummer 2008 we set upon our search for the best manufacturer for our very own log burning hot tub! This was to become a great adventure not realising at this stage only in a few months time we would receive a BISHTA distinction for best innovative spa.

The wooden hot tub design is very different from most available in the market, it is more square than rounded allowing simply more internal space; it has a lower tub height allowing an able bodied person to access the spa without the aid of steps. Now whilst these criteria may seem trivial the importance of this is simply to reduce the water volume used per bathe. The tub is filled using a hose lock connection and drained using same fitting.


The Barrel is constructed using traditional barrel making techniques and has two rather attractive stainless steel bands on the upper and lower of the barrel, conveniently the thickness of the timber used happens to accept the base of an average sized wine glass and bottle.


The burner, this really is the heart of the hot tub, once the tub has been filled afresh, you can fire up the Burner! The principal of the burner is simple the tub heats upon a convectional current produced by the direct heat created from flame onto the heat exchanger.

Personal experiences, well a true test would not be fair unless we had one of our own really, so when the first delivery of tubs arrived we unpackaged the first wooden barrel tub and burner and set upon our first dip. the fill time was approx 30mins with a reasonable mains water pressure, during the fill we decided our heat source material would be a common wooden pallet, we set off creating some kindling using the dry pallet and set aside the larger sized blocks of wood for a longer burn, feeling a little like Ray Mears and Bear Grylls however using bbq lighters as opposed to flints to light our fire, the heat was now on!

 Exactly 1 x euro sized pallet brought our wooden barrelled hot tub from 10 degrees to just shy of 38 degrees in 2.5hours! So now the soak……….. some 10 ten minutes had passed until we began to reflect the differences between an acrylic spa and the wooden barrelled hot tub, this was unlike a manufactured acrylic spa with jetting and multiple pumps and controllers, this really took us back to probably how outdoor tubbing began a peaceful, tranquil, environment with the feeling of reward after feeding the heat source initially.

We aim to keep stock at all times of the wooden barrel hot tub now on sale and we will begin our pro-active campaign for the launch in spring 2009. The product sits well given the current economic climate as the tub for four will retail below £3,000 and the running costs could potentially be extremely low should you be able to source timber yourself as is often the case. The water once cooled can be used to top up water buts or irrigate you garden so you maximise all the elements used, earth…. hopefully no wind (unless you have eaten too many beans) and fire.

We also aim to potentially offer the wooden barrelled hot tub for hire prices are being calculated, and we aim to launch these soon watch this space.

The wooden barrelled hot tubs are in store for anyone who wishes to come and view their splendour.

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