Baracuda X7

The newest suction cleaner on the market is a baracuda x7. The Baracuda is a suction cleaner working using a Diaphragm – This works in a very similar way to the hammer (Kreepy Krauly) but as the water is sucked through the cleaner a diaphragm pulses which makes the cleaner move.
Most pool cleaners require at least a 3/4 hp pump to give your pool a good clean.

The benefits of a diaphragm is that they are generally a lot quieter than a hammer. They also tend to have a smoother motion around the pool. A diaphragm is easily replaced in the future and a baracuda cleaner is very easy to service with all parts avaliable.

When it comes to thorough cleaning, the X7 delivers a performance advantage where you need it most. Four independent flexible discs move the X7 Quattro beyond traditional mobility, while creating maximum suction and adhesion in tight corners and on the pool surface.

At the heart of every X7 Quattro is the next generation Dura Life Diaphragm: powerful suction, dependable performance. The advanced diaphragm technology in the X7 Quattro is designed with over-molded reinforcement for the ultimate in diaphragm durability.

A heightened level of agility and mobility is achieved through the Tilt Action Rudder and Flex Connect Hose design. In combination, they work to provide comprehensive random surface coverage plus the ability to navigate tight corners and the most stubborn obstacles.

Baracuda X7


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