Are you covered? with Aquamatic safety covers

This Monday 23/3/09 we started a wonderful project in Chalfont St Giles Buckinghamshire, The project will consist of the replacement of a Certikin Liner to a 32′ x 16′ hopper pool in a 0.75mm fully mosaic pattern adjoining a 12′ country leisure step entry, the relocation of 2 x certikin wide mouth skimmers with floating weirs and baskets, Raising the swimming pool floor depth a very popular request recently to reduce the swimming pools water volume therefore in turn reducing heating costs and more importantly creating a great more user friendly swimming pool.

And once more we plan to install Paramount Pools Safety cover system the Aquamatic safety cover, complete with 9″ flush track copings pit mounted, and enviro wooden deck topping. The Aquamatic safety cover system is certainly not the most cost effective cover system on the market place today, however given the support, advice and installation material already received, and the level of service offered is far higher than Paramount Pools rivals.

We aim to have all works completed within 5 working days and the swimming pool filling once more. Turn around is key on this project sitting alongside a very prestigious house renovation by a local builder the house nears imminent completion.

The swimming pool once stripped to the bare bones is a panel fibre glass swimming pool actually built by the now cover supplier paramount pools some 20 years ago. Today the pool has undergone a pressure test to the existing pipe work and the results a pass a credit to the builder some 20 years ago.

We will aim to produce a finished Photo and video of the aquamatic safety cover in full working order

Why have a Swimming Pool Safety Cover?

All pools in this country need to have some form of a cover, mainly for heat retention purposes, preventing water evaporation, chemical loss and to keep debris out of the pool. Traditionally a Solar Blanket and a Winter Debris Cover are used to do this. Both covers require them to be put on and off the pool manually, which can be a cumbersome and difficult task, and requires two people on larger size pools. With an Aquamatic swimming pool safety cover all you need is one cover and the turn of a key! Safety must be of paramount importance when considering purchasing or inheriting a swimming pool, especially where children (and pets) are concerned. Purchasing an Aquamatic Safety Cover will alleviate all these concerns knowing that once the pool is covered nothing can enter the pool unless you turn the key.

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