another one bites the dust…….. Hot tub dealers drop out of the market place.

Over the years we have seen many hot tub dealers come and go in the bucks and berks area, seemingly the business model is floored business being business everyone has to have a margin in thier product to survive however when your selling a fantastic luxuary item such a Hot tub or Spa in this financial climet sales are not so plentiful when the average quality branded hot tub is simular to that of a small car.

we have lost count and we are begining to forget the names now of Spa Dealers that have opperated very local to us in Beaconsfield and being honest if we did not have other huge business interests within simular sectors we also would have not succeeded a sucessful hot tub dealer.

Our most recent visually apparent loss to the area is Jacuzzi from Wye vale garden center in Aylesbury bucks! the site has been host to hot tub dealers before in the past 2 or 3 to our memory. the Jacuzzi site was a managed center having only recently opened following the closure retail Jacuzzi outlet called AM 2 PM spas of Amersham Bucks directly opposite the Aston Martin dealership. and now too the Jacuzzi site has now followed suit.

Only this morning we visited our friends from Lycian Spas in Bicester Oxfordshire, an extremley clever hot tub trader with not a to disimular set to ours being the hold of trade within another market sector directly linking to the Hot tub Market ‘spread betting’. and by all accounts they report good sales both sectors of there trade.

it is extremely frustrating and sad that some sole hot tub dealers are and have shut up shop however please let this be wise words to those who wish to invest in a sustainable supported product within the uk, please ensure your potential hot tub dealer has been trading for some time and has past history or direct links to working within the leisure industry, ideally the hot tub dealer has some form of other supportive business pretty allowing the tub sales to piggy back onto a secure revenue stream. and do your research who is importing the spa? who is the dealer buying from? this also could form some bearing on how well the product is actually supported within the uk, as we have also lost count of the various fly by night importer/ distributor names!

We only choose to support and retail product availible from within the swimming pool industry, this not only brings us a full back up and support service however extensive knowledge and sustainabilty very important in todays market place.

Marquis spa’s are imported and distributed from Golden Coast in Barnstaple Devon, the home of some very tuned in distributors to the swimming pool trade.

for simple advice of on hot tub buying call 01494 671787.


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