Above Ground Pool Water Balance Guide.

Keeping your small above ground pool fresh and clean can be quite a tricky task. With the varying weather playing with your water balance along with varying bather loads it can be quite confusing.

We have drawn up a basic guide to try and keep you on form:

First Dose

  • Fresh fill pool with clean water
  • Superchlorinate the pools water leaving cover off.
  • Leave the filter running until pools chlorine levels are down to between 1 -3ppm
  • Balance pH levels to between 7.2 – 7.6

Regular Maintenance

  • Test water regularly (1-2 DAYS)
  • Remember different bather loads and weather conditions do play with chemical balances
  • Leave pool for safe time until chemicals are fully mixed ( around 3 hours, always test first)
  • Always read instructions before using any chemical.
  • Mix chemicals seperatly ideally in totally different chemical containers.
  • Filter running a at least 4 hours a day
  • Clean cartridge regulary and replace every 4 weeks
  • Clean debris out of pool as much as possible.

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