a Swimming pool refurbishment in Pednor nr Aylesbury Bucks

Deep End Pools begins a swimming pool refurbishment in Pednor today works consist of:

  • a swimming pool liner replacement
  • and a new set of coping stones

In 2005 we installed a safety cover supplied by deep end pools from our supplier Golden Coast Barnstaple Devon, the cover had been fitted to standard 9″ bull nosed coping stones which is fine but not an ideal solution long term for the safe deck safety cover. the safe deck style covers when fitted to bull nosed coping stones can often tend to rub the underside of the cover slightly which can cause slight abrasion, we offer two styles of this particular safety cover system 1. The safe deck image shown 2. The Walu safety cover link attached to our site below.

Budget Safety cover

Budget Safety cover

We are now changing the bull nosed coping stones for a very well manufactured stone from Cranbourne stone a 9″ flat buff coping. the benefit of a flat coping stone being fitted to swimming pool is the cover is allowed to lay flat onto the stone, significantly reducing wear to any safety cover also now a very popular choice of swimming pool coping stone for all over coping installations, also ideally fitted when using the certikin cover star system or the paramount pools system the aquamatic pool cover.

Safe Deck safety cover

Safe Deck safety cover

we are choosing to replace the liner with a 0.75mm liner from Certikin international ltd, the liners from certikin come extremely well package in a cylindrical drum making delivery to site very easy, liners when sized as big as 30′ x 15′ tend to weigh an awful lot, our engineers can easily transport the liner when packaged so well.

All certikin liners come with a new skimmer face plate kit and screw set, new certikin return fittings and new swimming pool main drain grills and gaskets. The main drain grill supplied will be the new style certikin anti vortex style grill.

We only choose to install the 0.75mm liners to swimming pools nowadays, the thicker of the two samples often in the sample books.

So what have we found so far?

Well David and Andrew have removed the existing coping stones with ease! This is slightly worrying and upon further inspection it transpires that the swimming pool coping bed was a very weak cement mixture almost sand in its makeup, with no visible primer added to the stone which can help bond the stone the coping bed when installing.

However we will remove the entire swimming pool coping bed and lay the new stones following our standards installation methods, if you are looking for supply of new coping stones please feel free to call deep end pools for advice on how best to install coping stones to you swimming pool.

so the pool is set to be empty by Monday when we can remove the old liner and measure for the new swimming pool liner, if you ever need assistance when ordering a swimming pool liner for your pool we can offer a supply and fit service in our local area currently or a supply only and advice service to your destination.

Well it certainly is great to be in the area once more, having recently completed two swimming pool builds in the nearby village south heath Buckinghamshire. 


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