9 year olds first aid training saves his brothers life in Swimming Pool

A 9-year-old American boy is being praised for saving his 2-year-old brother’s life in a swimming pool accident in Illinois, thanks to a life-saving CPR class he had at school. Brave Logan Hearn stayed composed when his baby brother Brendan was found by their mum floating face-down in the family’s in ground swimming pool on Thursday night.

Logan and his 2 year old brother Brendan were inside their house on Thursday when their mum went outside. When she returned a moment later, Brendan had disappeared. “I noticed the door was ajar. I immediately ran outside. I just saw the dogs. I turned around. I went back in the house screaming to Logan, ‘Where is your brother?’ The first thing I thought after that is, he must be in the pool. I ran back outside, and that’s where I found him face down in the pool,” mother Tabitha Hearn told ABC News Chicago station WLS-TV.

The 2 year old had already turned blue in the when Tabitha Hearn grabbed him from the pool. Tabitha then called paramedics and, though she is trained in first aid, was in too much of a panic to help her son. Luckily, 9 year old Logan had just completed a CPR class and kept his cool. Logan told his mum that she was performing the CPR incorrectly, and told her to step out of the way.

“She was kind of getting a little crazy and stuff, at that moment because any parent would, you know. So, I just don’t think she had any control over what she was doing at the moment. So, I just kind of went in and moved her,” the Logan told the news channel.

He performed the CPR for two breaths, and stopped when Brendan started coughing up water. Soon his little brother’s chest started moving, and he was taking small breaths. ”

He did the procedure like it should be done, and it was working,” said Tabitha Hearn. Paramedics arrived shortly and took Brendan to the hospital. The toddler was unconscious at first but perked up when he saw his brother.

“And then when I came in, he just got right up and started talking, demanding our dog, Carly, a bottle and Elmo,” Logan said.


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