400 Micron Blue solar covers are still a winner!

Despite all the recent evolutions in the solar cover market it transpires that the 400 blue micron solar blanket is still out on top, so if your confused about which cover to go for this season 500 jade gold Midas 500 sun cap solgaurd? Blue silver; don’t worry because our sales figures show a steady amount of the standard 400 blue cover’s.

We suspect this is due to maybe two factors:

1. Being if you already have a 400 blue cover and you were happy with that then why change?

2. The cost you cannot get away from the fact the 400 blue covers are hugely competitive within the solar cover market.

Of course if you are feeling a little flush with the cash and looking for the latest and greatest then head straight to the Sun cap our sales and early feedback for sun cap bubble covers has been astonishing!


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